Argenteria Donatello is born in the 1991 which development of one previous experience begun at the beginning of years ' 70 under the BLZ name. The creative abilities, the cure and the attention turned to the realization and functionality of the objects, the acquired experience from decades of continuous search, have contributed to make to acquire to the company one position of relief in the silverware field. These characteristics are the same ones that have allowed the company to show oneself also in the foreign markets, still in expansion and development, where its creations have been appreciated for the classic style, but however modern and linear, careful same time to the new tastes and tendencies.
Argenteria Donatello produces directly and its craftsmen are able to realize and to satisfy whichever demand, individual or business, with the result of an optimal quality for the single object, or for the industrial amount.
Argenteria Donatello offers one immense range of products, comprising: lamps, candlesticks, vases, bowls, baskets, frames, objects from writing desk, crystal objects, bombonierrère, objects for the wine and the kitchen, breakfast sets, trays, boxes, plates, goblets, and many other small objects

Argenteria Donatello S.r.l. , Via Borromini, 36 , 50028 Sambuca Val di Pesa -FIRENZE- ITALY
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